Friday, 10 June 2011

Book of Dreams : Dream Catcher

Created for Dream Coach theme,
is depicting Dream Coach as a fishermen -
he is also fishing in the water- like fluid dimension of dreams.
Motives of Night, Moon , Reflection are present in this illustrations.
Figures are symbolically representing various activities of Dream Coach,
fishing the dreams/ remembering them , recording them, communicating them.
Mending the nets/ making connections, helping the dreamer establish cognitive relationin-between his dream and waking experience , and finally as in the night fishing fisherman's use lightto attract the fish, so dream coach is there to point towards illuminating , knowledge gaining experience of trying to relate to our dream experiences. Repeated spheres in the illustration , take further the reflective motive of the moon… In this illustrations there are moon and the sun , and all other celestial bodies, as well as the light of our own inherent star-souls, represented by halos around Dream Catchers.

Illustration ( Ivona Batuta 2010 )  created as contribution to Nicoline Douwes Isema and Cathelijne Esser web place for acquiring dream caching skills / / with kind and essential help of Arnoud and Others from  / artists were given color parameter of black, white , in-between and orange, while the themes were given interpretations and expressions were left to artists imagination

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