Friday, 10 June 2011

Book of Dreams: Dreams Oracle

Created for Keeping of Dreams theme
focuses on the Lunar nature of the activity of dreaming,
Moon is also related to rhythms of water on Earth, and element of water,
both in actual as archetypal sense which represents emotions and feminine.
Water reflects, so are the dreams for us to reflect upon those messages from deep
within/without, and help us get more information and understanding of that elusive factor x ,
which makes up for most of our existence.
Figure is caching its image in the bowl of water, divining the oracle of the dreams.
Curtains veiling the mysteries of knowledge , are patterned with graph results of brain wave EEG scans,and the ones behind the head of the figure, are "stage four" , or the moment of dreaming,
where brain is receiving more intense electrical impulses.
Illustrations is also suggestive of using both traditional and modern methodologies to develop your own dream vocabulary.

Illustration ( Ivona Batuta 2010 )  created as contribution to Nicoline Douwes Isema and Cathelijne Esser web place for acquiring dream caching skills / / with kind and essential help of Arnoud and Others from  / artists were given color parameter of black, white , in-between and orange, while the themes were given interpretations and expressions were left to artists imagination

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